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... In Holiday Restaurant and Pizzeria in Versilia!

Versilia is distinguished for its cuisine. With its mix of sea and mountains is where you can enjoy all the delicious cuisine of Tuscany.

Restaurant "Bistrot"

Eye for detail, is one of the most famous restaurants in the area, known for high-level cuisine and for the well cellar accompanying dishes ...

Viale Franceschi 14 Forte dei Marmi tel-0584-89879

Restaurant "Strong Baci"

Open for lunch and dinner, the restaurant is suitable for business dinners to which events. Lends itself well to romantic dinners because the staff provides small rooms to spend a bit of privacy to their customers.

Viale Monin, Forte dei Marmi, tel-0584-82997

Restaurant "Lorenzo"

It 'the most exclusive restaurant of the whole Versilia. The symbiosis between the best chefs and luxurious furnishings that you have made this place has won a place on driving the most exclusive restaurants in Italy.

Via Carducci, Forte dei Marmi tel-0584-874030

Restaurant "Tito of Molo"

One of the local historical Viareggio, not only for its cuisine but also thoroughly searched for his posizione.Situato fact the long pier, you can dine by candlelight viareggine front of the craft.

Lungomolo of Greek, Viareggio tel-0584-962013

Restaurant "Gusmano"

In a very chic location, you can savor the taste typical of the place, all accompanied by a service and a truly unique decoration ..

Via Regia, Viareggio tel 0584-31233

Restaurant "Armanda"

Trattoria where you can taste specialties of fish at a fair price. The menu changes often and also has a wood oven for people who want a good pizza.

Viale Europa, Darsena, Viareggio tel-0584-392376

Restaurant "Medium Crew"

In full viareggino style, the restaurant offers a tasty cuisine made of specialty Nostrana. We recommend booking early because the place is always crowded on good food at the right price.

Dock area, Viareggio

Restaurant "The Fisherman"

In a recently renovated is one of the best restaurants in the marina torrellaghese. Excellent cuisine like the service.

Viale Europa, Torre del Lago tel-0584-340610

Restaurant "The Wonders"

For those who love the Tuscan specialties, the game and good wine this is one of the most popular because it combines the Versilia always high quality with an economic price really ..

Via Provinciale N18, Camaiore tel-0584-951750

Restaurant "The Vignaccio"

A particularly refined cuisine is what characterizes this place. Poor variety of dishes but extremely refined and high quality, ideal for those who want to get closer to a particular cuisine with a wine always at the top.

Loc. Saint Lucia tel-0584-914200

Restaurant "The Colosseum"

Located in the small Borgo di Camaiore, the restaurant is the symbol of Tuscan cuisine. Welcoming also the furniture has sought a cellar and tasty dishes.

Via Tabarrani 26, Camaiore tel-0584-982046



North Via Aurelia 211 - 55049 Viareggio (LU)

PIZZERIA 90th minute

Via Monte Matanna 12 -- 55049 Viareggio (LU) Tel :0584-942592


Via Mazzini 237 - 55049 Viareggio (LU) Tel: 0584-30254


Via Coppino 99 - 55049 Viareggio (LU) Tel: 0584-395766


Viale dei Tigli -55,049 Viareggio (LU) Tel :0584-391138


Via Pucci 80-55059 Viareggio (LU) Tel :0584-961623


Viale Europa 22 - 55049 Viareggio (LU) Tel :0584-391005


Viale Margherita 80-55049 Viareggio (LU) Tel :0584-962815


Via Regia 106-55049 Viareggio (LU) Tel: 0584-48249


Piazza dei Campioni 7 - 55049 Viareggio (LU) Tel :0584-46308

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