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Travel routes recommended in Versilia!

Versilia offers the opportunity to follow different routes to travel to learn more about the places that characterize it. Here we want to propose some routes not to be missed!


From the pine forests of East or West, where it is possible to rent bicycles and carriages, "we can get down to the sea or up to Lake through a trip into nature. After the pine forests, we arrive on Viale dei Tigli cutting in half the park's natural and Lecciona along which you can make brief stops in kiosks or playground equipment for children. At the end of the avenue we have two possibilities: turning right on the Marina arrive at Torre del Lago, where you can continue on our path to the sea, turning left you arrive at Lake Massaciuccoli. The lake is another goal for itself of several trips that are made with unique barchini from which you can see closely the flora and fauna that characterizing the nature reserve.


Undoubtedly, coming in Versilia is strictly take a walk on a Mare Avenue. Luxury shops, cinema, piano bar, restaurants and many other forms of entertainment in a Nouveau architectural style that makes it even more impressive your walk. Many are the premises that have been modernized but still in great numbers those restructured so as to bring out the original style as the Grand Cafe Margherita, the Hotel Excelsior, the Grand Hotel Royal and the Prince of Piedmont.

Viale Margherita / Viale Marconi, Viareggio.


Sienna Sightseeing is providing the CE.TU.S, center richerche on cetaceans. It consists of an outing on a boat off the coast of Viareggio, where you can witness the extraordinary spectacle of dolphins.

Along the East Channel 24, Viareggio-tel. 0584-384209


Located in one of the characteristics of the Apuan Alps. Its formation dates back about 200 million years does. It 'interesting because within it, over the years have formed trails, tunnels and small rivers that make today such a marvel of nature.

Fornovolasco, Lucca tel-0583.722024


A journey that starts in Pietrasanta, also known as the "Little Athens", in which more than you have laboratories where they worked the greatest sculptors you can visit the addirittuara works that they have left in this town. Continuing to Querceta where you can directly reach the marble quarries, to arrive later in the small hamlet of Pomezzana, which is open to visitors of the old iron Milani.


The area of Versilia proposes a number of itineraries to let you know the beautiful islands that surround it. The island of Elba to Five Terre, the Capraia to Gorgonia, boat trips from one day to a week.

For fares, routes and schedules see / boats

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