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Gyms and Sports Associations in Versilia

For those who like to keep your body in shape ... here are some suggestions!

Sphere Gym Fitness Club

Via di Mezzogiorno (Zone Indust. Comparini) - 55049 Viareggio (LU)
Phone: 0584 393026 - 327 532 9380

Gym Whale 2000

Besides a large number of telephones, has a large outdoor swimming pool, solarium, sauna and the possibility of pronotare your personal trainer.

Viale Margherita Tel: 0584 44045, Viareggio

Berchielli Sports Center Gymnasium

Recently built gym is located on two levels with a view of the pier of Viareggio. In a ground floor room has really art equipment, the first floor you perform aerobics classes, step, spinning and many more.

Along Canal Street East Tel: 0584 396311, Viareggio

Multisport SRL

Via Benedetto Cairoli Tel: 0584 49273, Viareggio

Michie Mouse Center

Outside the center of Viareggio, the gym offers any type of course and consists of a large room where you can find every type of equipment.

Via Alessandro Volta Tel: 0584 30259, Viareggio

Perfect Gym

Via Coppino Tel: 0584 388962, Viareggio

Sporting Club Viareggio Yoseikan

Via Aurelia 117 south Tel: 0584 395033, Viareggio


Via del Terminetto 42 Tel: 0584 942517, Viareggio


Via dei Pecchi 101 Phone: 0584 384697, Viareggio

Cleopatra's Club palestra Libertas

Via Mincio 55 Tel: 0584 66377, Lido di Camaiore

Sinergym Club Lido

Via S. Andrea, 10 Tel. 0584 619080, Lido di Camaiore

AS Point Fitness

Stadio Via 21 Tel: 0584 984063, Camaiore

Assoc. Gymnastics Club Lido

Michele St. 10 Tel: 0584 617284, Camaiore

A. S. 2000

Via delle Walling Tel: 0584 983681, Camaiore

Committee Reg.Toscano Filpj - Weights

Via Lemmetti 3 Tel: 0584 989534, Camaiore

Gym Metamorphosis

Via dei Carpeniteri 41 Tel: 0584 941940, Camaiore

AS & Play Jump

Via Sarzanese 35 Tel: 0584 976149, Massarosa

Health & Fitness Gym

Pioppogatto, Montramito Tel: 0584 46833, Massarosa

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