Churches in Versilia, on vacation between art and religion ...

Versilia, but especially known for its seaside resorts and green spaces, has behind him a great historical and cultural baggage. Visit the churches is a way to discover the culture, history and characters that over the years have dominated these places.

Cathedral of St. Martino

It was built around XIV on a pre-existing church and underwent major restoration work over the years even if there were more evident all around '800. The Cathedral rises above a wide marble staircase, the same material which is also the facade. At the center of the facade notice the great rose window decorated Central widely. On the door a great Medici emblem depicts St. John the Baptist.
Inside you can admire sculptures of Stagi, works paintings by Matteo Rosselli and the bronze panels of the Via Crucis by sculptor conteporaneo Marcello Tommasi.


Church of Saints Lawrence and Barbara

The interior as the exterior of the rest of the Church hosts un'arrchittettura reflecting the years between the'500 and il'600. We can see works in a marble atribuite Jacopo Benta is the famous chapel of the rescue.


Church St. Peter

Located in the hamlet of Retignano, the church in both axles of marble, one of which is probably attributable to Lorenzo Stagi.


Pieve di San Pantaleone to Elici

Located in the village of Pieve a Elici and consists of two different building phases. The church has a pretty decorative strips, but inside it houses works of Riccomanni and the fresco of the'300 Madonna with child.

Pieve a Elici, Massarosa.

Chiesa di San Pietro

Access is by the door of the Benedictine monastery and has kept its medieval structure despite has been subject to many ricostruzioni.Il entrance portal retains the original bezel while many parts have not kept inside remains visible. At the beginning of the twentieth century was built another port to facilitate the lingresso fedeli.All 'internal, you can admire the tabernacle el'acquasantiera fifteenth century.


Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta

Located in the historic center of Camaiore, can be considered a real example with regard to the ecclesiastical architecture of 1200. The oldest part can be found in the tower. In 1534 was damaged by an earthquake after which it was Fully restored. Inside we can see how big the rose window decorations in front and magnificent furnishings sixteenth century.

Church of St. Augustine

Planting Gothic dominates with its characteristic stepped across the square in Pietrasanta. Built by the Augustinian fathers with the help of Lucca in a period of economic peak for the city, includes the convent cloister el'omnimo east of the building.


Church of St. Andrew.

Interesting not only for its architectural dell'ingegnerr by Michele Cervelli, but also because it is buried in St. Mary Pucci who worked both in the church.