La Pineda in Versilia, relax on vacation!

Along the Versilia coast, close to the beaches, lies an immense green area which is precisely the pine forest, and that comes from Pietrasanta up to Torre del Lago Puccini.

The area is divided between Pineta di Ponente, which includes the three pine trees that away from Zara (Viareggio) reaching via Vespucci (Viareggio) and Pineda of Levante who arrives in Viareggio Torre del Lago Puccini, best known for the fact that begins in the Natural Park Macchia Lucchese.

The pinewood Levante is cut in half by Viale dei Tigli connecting Viareggio in Torre del Lago and along which you can make long runs or walks in close contact with nature.

If we are in the pine forest are also different structure of games as entertainment for more Small, tennis courts, trails equipped for those who enjoy jogging, kiosks to sip a cool drink or enjoy a bouna made of watermelon. During the spring-summer you can also rent a bike or tandem for hiking or in pinewood turned into a city.
Near the pine forest are the Stadio dei Pini, equipped with a field of athletics and some manage to get long ride in pinewoods.

Very interesting and full of activity is the pinewood di Ponente in which you can do lunch in the green walks, rides with routes equipped to train, eat, drink, take on the smaller rides, hire bicycles and observe the lake of caretteristico swans located in the center of the pine forest.

In Marina di Pietrasanta, town Fiumetto, extends the immense span of P Versiliana. With 80 acres of land, its glades and its rivers is a major green oasis just a few steps from the sea.