Industry Versilia The Nautico

The boat in Viareggio is undoubtedly one of the major areas of the city. The production system naval viareggino, concentrated in the port area of the city, stands out for years all over the world.

Factors such as favorable geographical position, the high professionalism of the staff and structure of most yards ever helped to ensure that Viareggio became one of the production of ships, yachts and sailing boats, best known in Italy and abroad.

E 'own sites viareggini focusing staff qualificatissimo: designers, engineers, architects and designers from across Europe, with a high background that is reflected in naval creations as well.

E 'always in Viareggio, that the greatest Italian and foreign ship owners have commissioned the work more important, conscious of the fact that the shipbuilding viareggina, is one of the first in the industry, thanks to the cooperation continues, not only among its members, but also with sites from around the world, to always bring the best c ' is on the market.

The giant ship production of Viareggio is sent forward by the great shipbuilding city, which boasts important names. Azimut Benetti yards as spa Viareggio, Codecasa three spa Viareggio and Perini Navi, to name but a few, producing large turnover every year, relying on professional expertise and competitive that update continuously to shed light on the latest innovations and technologies in the field.

The production ship viareggina counts on close collaboration with smaller yards, working for the most part, production of interior and individual pieces, with offices in Forte dei Marmi, Torre del lago, Massarosa and Massa Carrara.