Holidays in Massarosa!

Located between the Alps and the Versilia, Massarosa is the place for lovers strolling in green, riding and good food. Nature is an integral part of this place, in fact, are rare species of plants and animals that we can find the protected area of Lake Massaciuccoli.

Also interesting paths between the hills and churches, villages and farms where man and nature have found a symbiosis perfect.

Fractions: Bargecchia, Bozzano, Compignano, Corsanico, Gualdo, Massaciuccoli Montigiano, Mommio (Castle), Piano di Conca, Mommio Plan, Plan Quercion, Pieve a Elici, Quiesa, Stiava, Valpromano

  • Population: Massarosesi
  • Patron saint: San Iacopo
  • Day Holidays: July 25

Lake Massaciuccoli Lake Massaciuccoli

A jump in nature to admire closely not only the many animal species but also the rare plant species that characterize the Versilia area. The lake also offers an interesting insight into history on precisely the presence of archaeological excavations that have unearthed ancient walls dating back to Roman times.

Useful tips for tourists to Massarosa