Parking spaces Versilia

In the parking areas demarcated with white stripes parking is regulated with special signs (cds)

Areas with parking fee collection service provided by employees or with special parcometri, usually are marked with blue stripes.

Vehicle parking spaces marked with yellow stripes: reserved areas, parking is regulated with special signs (cds)

Parking Viareggio

Town of Viareggio Command vigilant urban
Viareggio Piazza San Francesco tel. 0584/46543

Torre del Lago Puccini Viale Marconi 225 tel. 0584/341333
Parking fee Management Mover (Via Regia 4 ang. Via Fratti) tel. 0584/427021 Fax 0584/426770

Area parking facilities for motor
Viareggio - Via Belfiore Martyrs Capacity max. 50 motor vehicle registration office to Tuttoeventi tel. 0584/427201 parking is set special signs (cds)

Parking spaces in Pietrasanta

Traffic police command Via Marconi 6 tel. 0584/795400

Joint Treasurer's Office 0584/795431

Parking ticket Rosa: Special permit free for pregnant women and mothers with children up to 1 year parking is regulated with special signs (cds)

Parking Camaiore

Comune di Camaiore command vigilant urban tel. PBX 0584 619055

Parking Management Company "coop city of Lucca" tel. cell. Camaiore 336 203221 tel. cell. 329-2190615 and phone. cell. 348-6049564 to Lido di Camaiore

Piazza Brodolini to Lido di Camaiore: bus parking fee daily 30 Euro

Camper Area Sosta Via Dante Alighieri Lido di Camaiore:
info tel. 0584617397

Parking Seravezza and Stazzema

Joint Command Seravezza Traffic police Tel. 0584/742011

Joint Command Stazzema Traffic police Tel. 0584/77521

Parking spaces Forte dei Marmi

Town of Forte dei Marmi Command Traffic police tel. 0584 81145

Parking Massarosa

Traffic police command tel. 0584 939767