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In Holiday in Versilia By Night!

For years now that the temple was consecrated Versilia undisputed fun! On this page you will find described one by one, the local historical and more recent ones, to lead to the discovery of "night life" Versilia.


Temple house music is one of the most advanced in Italy, and is distinguished not only for its music but also for its animation. Open every Saturday night and day pre-holiday hosts artists of national and interanazionali house scene including Tania Vulcano, Luciano, Eric Morillo, Satoshi Tomiie, Daves Morales, Frankie Knukles, Timo Maas and many others ...

Ponte di Sasso, Camaiore.
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Former nightclub Agora since 2005 and collecting Nabila becomes a resounding success. Open from Thursday to Saturday, it is the most successful evening. Inside there are two dance floors, where the larger spin the disks of most commercial dance music, and the other prevails where the house genre. A mix of music that pleases all in a modern, spacious, which surely does not animation ...

Viale Bernardini 666, Lido di Camaiore.

CAPANNINA Franceschi

Versilia local historian, collecting since the 60s a resounding success. Once the scene of Italian music, has seen the birth of the greatest Italian artists as Mina, is now one of the most crowded of Versilia. In a prestigious setting, near Forte dei Marmi, the latest dance music and dancing until Late night ...

Promenade, Forte dei Marmi
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Owned by the famous Italian businessman Flavio Briatore, presenter Paul Brosio, Mrs Daniela Santach? and son of former national coach, Davide Lippi, this is now the most local VIP Versilia. Also known for his installation of the Twiga bathing offers high quality and the night turns into pure music. Open Thursday to Sunday you can dance to dawn and meet the faces of national and international jet-set ...

Promenade, Forte dei Marmi


Perhaps it is the biggest club in Versilia. With three dance floors offers the opportunity to listen to different genres ranging from popular music to the house, leaving room for lovers of latin America. Do not miss the opening where the local summer offers include a large park where you can dance under the stars ...

Marina di Pietrasanta, near the motorway exit.


This is also one of the local mythical cycle of Versilia and hosts celebrities and Italian sport. A very chic environment, including two ballrooms collocatre on two different levels. In summer you can dance until late at night by the pool where you can also reserve the exclusive tables. Rigid selection to the door to a room that over the years has kept its name and that high their customers ...

Viale Roma 108 Marina di Pietrasanta.


Open since 2005 is a venue well known in Versilia. You can go for cocktails accompanied by live music, or after dinner drink and dance all night long. Here too the selection door ...

Viale Roma 123 Marina di Pietrasanta.


Local famous Versilia opens its doors back in the sixties not close them again and still continue to be one of the most frequented by young people ... open from Thursday to Sunday the compass you can find a mixed clientele of 20 to 40 years, and a large ballroom where running various types of music ...

Marina di Pietrasanta.

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Recently opened the restaurant immediately took root in the night scene of Versilia. Open nightly, except Mondays, as a restaurant, Friday and Saturday becomes a temple of music and fun. Reviewing the house beats of recent times, dancing and drinking until late, great taste of the interior enriched each time with different theme nights ...

Via Aurelia, dry condition, Lido di Camaiore.


Temple of Latin American music, during the Carnival season, Friday and Saturday evening hosts the masked dances.

Via Marco Polo, Viareggio


Venue renowned Versilia offers a cocktail attention to detail, accompanied by music. After dinner instead becomes a real cocktail bar where hundreds of kids find themselves before entering the nightclub.

Viale Colombo, Lido di Camaiore.


Even this room dominates the Versilia and stands in a primary for his drinks. Rmai become a meeting point for the Versilia and not just after ten o'clock at night opens its doors to all those who want to enjoy drinks with music ...

Viale Colombo, Lido di Camaiore.


Local historic Dock, has for years been the meeting place for those who want to sip a beer while listening to live music. The local loop it hosts bands that reproduce the songs of the greatest Italian and international artists ... Ideal for anyone not love the chaos of dancing but not wants a little 'healthy diverstimento.

Viale Europa, dock area, Viareggio.


Open from Wednesday to Sunday, the restaurant is one of the most popular in the area. Good live music that once again the cult of the 70s and 80s music. The restaurant is also frequented by a clientele over 30 ...

Viale Europa, dock area, Viareggio.
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