Versilia Surgery

Nursing homes and private clinics and doctors' offices in Versilia

In Versilia it is possible to take advantage of private health services, both as regards nursing homes and clinics, but also for analysis laboratories, doctors 'offices, dental and dental technicians' offices.

Versilia Surgery

Versilia Surgery is a specialized medical center, created with the aim of providing excellent healthcare services to patients and offering specialists a flexible place to rely on to receive patients in total privacy and tranquility.

A young, functional and innovative environment, which guarantees both the use of cutting-edge services, both in professional, technological and organizational terms.

Point of excellence throughout Versilia and with a unique structure of its kind, the Medical Center consists of two well-defined units: a Medical Studies department, with outpatient clinics organized to accommodate any specialization and a surgical department with an operating room in Day Surgery, for outpatient surgery, even under general anesthesia.

Versilia Surgery

San Camillo Private Clinic

In the heart of Forte dei Marmi stands this private hospital complex which for years has had a number of customers from all over the province and beyond. The highly qualified medical staff offers special assistance for each of the patients hospitalized there, in a quiet environment where you can find some relaxation during the hospital stay.

It performs the following performances:

  • cardiology
  • surgery
  • ophthalmology
  • orthopedics
  • radiodiagnostics
  • rehabilitation


Via Padre Ignazio, 37 Forte Dei Marmi
tel. 0584.7391 fax 0584.881545

"Barbantini" Nursing Home and Private Clinic

Historical private Versilian clinic that for years has guaranteed its patients seriousness and reliability. A medical staff is always ready to provide their service in a short time, plus the clinic is equipped with every necessary comfort.

Via Fosso Guidario, Bicchio Viareggio locality
tel. 0584.396646 fax 0584.395449

Archconfraternity of Mercy

Make visits and checks for cardiology, ophthalmology and echocardiocolordoppler.

Via F. Cavallotti, 97 Viareggio
tel. 0584.9466 fax 0584.946777

Confraternity of the Misericordia Torre del Lago Puccini

Cardiology, dermatology, ecocolordlopper, ultrasound, ophthalmology, orthopedics, obstetrics and gynecology, otolaryngology and rehabilitation visits and checks are carried out.

Via Aurelia, 203 Torre Del Lago
tel. 0584.341122 fax 0584.340155

Eido Diagnostica

Echocolordoppler, ultrasound, radiodiagnostics and CT scans are performed.

Via Aurelia Sud, 154 In Viareggio
tel. 0584.388744 fax 0584.388749

Fortis srl

Ultrasound, magnetic resonance and CT scans are performed.

Via Padre I. Da Carrara, 37-39 Forte Dei Marmi
tel. 0584.752105 fax 0584.752433