Nautical licenses in Versilia

Given the amount of Schools Nautical in Versilia and the continued demand for licenses nautical received Versilia in Tuscany and in general, we felt the need to help the user with advice and tips on how to run a boat and eventually take the ship.

First we must ask the following question: You can lead a sailing boat without a license?
The answer is YES. A condition that is this on board an individual with certification and accountability of operations.
The ship may be issued to navigate within 12 miles, or unlimited, and is necessary in the following cases:

  • to navigate more than 6 miles from the coast
  • inbarcazioni for controlling engine with more than 40.8 horses or with an engine capacity exceeding 750 cc 2T, 1000 cc 4T (outboard), 1300 cc 4T (inboard), 2000 cc diesel
  • to carry boats used for water skiing
  • for Water and the like
  • Licenses for vessels Marinas - for pleasure boats exceeding 24 meters

There are age limits for requesting the release of the ship: starting from a minimum of 14 years for vessels sailing (sail area than 4 square meters) and rowing unit within 1 miles from the coast. 16 years for motor boats or sailing. 18 years to craft mandatory license. 23 years for controlling pleasure boats. Recall that the ship is valid for 10 years and 5 years if at release the person has more than 60 years.

More information for obtaining the ship may be required to maritime authorities or Sections and delegations of Naval League.

Nautical expired license renewal

E 'can renew the license in nautical any time at sea or the Office Provincial Office that issued the license. Nautical licenses issued abroad (even though belonging to the European Union) can not be converted with the Italian.

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