Holidays in Forte dei Marmi!

Neighboring the town of Pietrasanta and the Cinquale, Forte dei Marmi extends for about 8 sq. km. The very name of the town makes us understand how it originally acted as intermediaries between the marble quarries and transport of this towards the sea.

Activities such as marble, fisheries and agriculture have led Forte dei Marmi to a sudden development that has contributed to the welfare of its citizens. Of them, the city has just succeeded in 1914 to become an autonomous municipality, finally pulling it from Pietrasanta.Passate the difficulties of the Second World War, around the'60s, became the summer residence of the most exclusive Italian families.

The homeland of Vip

And 'thanks to tourism that currently is Forte dei Marmi considered the "homeland Vip" of Versilia. With its restaurants and luxury shops is one of the most mundane of Italy.

Ideal for any type of vacation Forte dei Marmi offers moments of relaxation with its pine forests and tree-lined avenues, with the beaches curatissime, where with great professionalism, which has always contraddistigue this place, you can have all kinds of convenience and comfort. Long rides on bike path from Marina di Massa up in Viareggio, romantic walks on the pier at night, become the symbol of Forte.

And the night ...

Do not be discouraged lovers "movida night because in Forte dei Marmi are in good hands. A jump in local history as the Capannina Franceschi, undisputed temple of amusement, which from the'60s to today, has encouraged the birth of the greatest artists Italians. Do not forget the twig, where dancing until late at night, you are now in close contact with the characters of the Italian jet-set or not.

Finally luxury restaurants where you can taste the specialties of the place, piano bar and outdoor events to conclude a long day pleasantly sea.

Fractions: Caranna, Vittoria Apuan, Vaiana and imperial Rome.
Population: fortemarmini
Patron saint: S. Ermete martyr
Day pomp: August 28

Useful numbers

Tourist Information
Via A. Franceschi 28d
0584 80,091 0584 832.14
Biblioteca Comunale
Via Carducci, 61
0584 280,265 0584 280,266
Ticket outlets at some public.
Stops: Victoria Apuan, V.le Italico, V.le Repubblica, Via D'Aosta.
Agency Via Pascoli
Tel. 0584 89186
Stops: Viale Italico, Piazza Matteotti, Viale Republic