Theaters and Musical Performances in Versilia

Versilia, in addition to being a footnote bathing area is also renowned for entertainment that always offers tourists who chose the Versilia as a destination of his holiday in Tuscany. Theatrical and musical seasons opera music and opera, concerts and meeting rooms for cultural exchange, this and much more than that every year the Versilia.

Below is a list of theaters who are in Versilia, focusing attention to gender representation hosting. If you are interested to hear the music in Versilia, visit the section devoted to events and demonstrations in Versilia , And will be updated on concerts, entertainment and places of upcoming dates can not miss!

Teatro Comunale di Pietrasanta

This is the theater that is located in the main square of Pietrasanta, in front of the church and at the foot of the note Rocca. Proposes annual seasons of theatrical prose, leaving room for comedy. Characters theatrical panorama of Italian events leading to a high thickness that the theater is happy to accept.

Tel. 0584 795511

The foundation Versiliana

The Versliana years is a place of entertainment and culture. It hosts a summer theater season full of celebrities and it is where you play and musical concerts they do step across Australia. On summer afternoons of Versiliana are characterized by meetings that occur debates and cultural exchanges.

See "The Versiliana" in Hospitality and leisure.

Tel. 0584 795,565 - 795,523

The importance of Viareggio

Politeama The theater is located on the sea of Viareggio and besides being one of cinema's most famous area, winter home to a theater season that annually attracts hundreds of people. Prose and comedy, but also generally satirical, especially during Carnival, when for an entire month is another place for companies to stage the folklore viareggino.

Tel. 0584 962,035

Teatro Jenco

Size much smaller theater Jenco hosts usually comedies and school performances of schools or high schools.

Tel. 0584 393233

Theater dell'Olivo

It is the small and ancient theater of Camaiore.

Tel. 0584 981381