Holidays in Seravezza and Stazzema!

The common Seravezza Stazzema and are placed at the Alta Versilia. Here too we can find a strong tourism data for the most part by the presence of works of art (Palazzo Medici), the fairly recent history that has characterized especially Stazzema, the territories surrounded by greenery and the kitchen.


Located at the foot of the Alps and takes its name from the streams that boundary, Serra and Vezza. Although she is quite detached from the coast is easily accessible from Forte dei Marmi from Pietrasanta.
The town is in Seravezza historically divided into quarters which, periodically, every year compete for the Palio, folk event in place since 1956, similar to that, perhaps best known, of Siena.

The streets of the Palio dei Micca are: Cervia, Leon d'Oro, Lizard, Madonna, Pozzo, Oak and frog.

Fractions: Azzano, Trust, Cerreta, S. Antonio, Cerreta St. Nicholas, Corvaia, Fabiano, Giustagna, Marzocchino, Minazzana, Pozzi, Querceta; Riomagno, Ripa, Ruosina and Malbacco.

Patron saint: San Lorenzo and Santa Barbara.
Public holiday: August 10.


It 'the smallest capital city of common Versilia. Located at the foot of Mount Matanna is about 12 km from Seravezza. Feature, especially for lovers of mountains, the dense network of trails that mark, to reach all locations and the Apuan Alps.
With less than 800 inhabitants, the village has become famous for the massacres of S. Anna at the hands of the Nazis, August 12 1944, and today is a destination for those who want to learn more about how this country has been able to contribute to Liberation.

Fractions: Arni, Cardoso, Farnocchia; Gallen, The Cradle, Levigliani, Mulino, Palagnana; Pomezzana, Pontestazzemesa, Pruno, Retignano, Ruosina, Terrinca, Volegno, Campagrina.
Population: Stazzemesi.