Economy in Versilia

If we stop to analyze the economy in the territory of Versilia, we can certainly say that the two main pillars are found in the tourism sector and that nautical.

Nautical Industry

The production system Naval Versilia now includes the municipalities of Viareggio, Massarosa, Camaiore, Pietrasanta, Forte dei Marmi, Seravezza and Stazzema.
Factors such as geographical location favorable, the high quality of most yards ever, the presence of a highly skilled workforce, the continuing exchange with the marine areas worldwide, have enabled this complex production of securing a prestigious brand is recognized at international level .
The functionality of this giant production is given by different factors working together such as design studies (designers, architects, designers), yards (processing industry, of fiberglass, wood) systems, engines and propulsion systems. Besides these, which affect more the design and construction, the system nautical Versilia offers its customers a range of important services such as boat maintenance, storage services, certification and licenses marine, transport and exceptional nautical tourism.

Among the sites more important in the territory of Lucca include spa Azimut Benetti Viareggio, Viareggio, Codecasa three spa Viareggio, Italy Fipa yachts srl Massarosa, Perini Navi spa Viareggio. prorio have them, thanks to their undisputed professionalism, which made the Versilia famous throughout the world.
To ensure you are always in step with the times, have gone to constitute the territory associations, institutions and public schools that shed light on the latest innovations and technologies in order to train professionals to meet the new needs of the sector.

Tourist Industry

Tourism is another of the key areas of the province of Lucca. The attraction is the fact that the province is divided so that they can offer to tourists, within a short radius, possibility to choose between sea and mountains.
As for the sea, the province offers a coastline that stretches for more than 30 km, along which are not only private beaches but also for those who want to do less extensive, wide open spaces with beaches. In addition to this in Versilia are a number of hotels, restaurants and bed and breckfast. Then no shortage of entertainment local fairs, festivals and music events can say without doubt that the Versilia is the temple of wellbeing.

Artistic Industry

Next to tourism and boating, which annually attracts hundreds of visitors is undoubtedly the great artistic and cultural heritage in the Versilia area and continues to live thanks to the performances and theatrical and musical events at senior level.

The high number of works of art, magnificent churches, museums, the walls, ancient history recall every year an unlimited number of tourists from around the world.
The cultural diffusion but is not limited only to the large theater seasons, ranging from drama to prose (Teatro Comunale of Rassicurati, Monte Carlo and Teatro di Pietrasanta), from classical performances to more modern (and the importance Jenco theater in Viareggio), through music and dance (Teatro del Giglio in Lucca).
The Citadel of the Carnival of Viareggio offers, in addition to countless concerts, theatrical performances outdoors. For lovers of the musical instead Versiliana in Forte dei Marmi organizes programs by not losing, it is also the scene of meetings and cultural exchanges.