On holiday visit ... the Museums of Versilia!

Versilia is characterized by a number of places where art is stored uses, customs and history of cities and famous people who have lived.

Palazzo Moroni

E 'considarato one of the historic buildings of the city because of public functions which has always been used. Today it is home to both the Chancellor's Community, also dell'Archivio Municipal Historical Museum and Historical Versilia "Antonucci."
The interior of the building are very interesting from the floor adorned with architectural works that are expanding throughout the hall.

Centro Culturale "Luigi Russo."

Always the center of major artistic events in the Cloister and the Sale of Putti makes provisions exhibitions of painting, sculpture and photography. In Exhibition dell'Annunziata generally held conferences. The church hosts the other hand, thanks to good acoustics, even concerts.

Via S. Agostino, 1 - 55045 Pietrasanta (LU)

Museo dei Bozzetti

Collects sketches, drawings and works of the greatest artists and sculptors Versiliese.

Via Marconi, 5 (ex-Cooperative) - 55,045 Pietrasanta (LU)

Christmas House "Giosu? Carducci"

Born in Valdicastello, small location close to Pietrasanta, only three years Carducci moved precisely in Pietrasanta, where it passed the first years of his life. Through a guided tour is interesting to discover the underwear of this great poet through portraits and memorabilia.

Via S. Agostino, 1 - 55045 Pietrasanta (LU)

Astronomical Observatory "Spartacus Ball."

Via della Fontanella Tel. 0584/795500 - 795501 Fax 0584/795588

Palazzo Medici

Built by the will of Cosimo de 'Medici, in a strategic location, the building originally was intended to allow him to follow closely the work of extraction of minerals and marbles. Mel 1996 was used as a museum and inside you can retrace the history of the period especially in terms of marble.


Villa Bourbon

Located Capezzano Pianore and is currently the property of religious Cavanis. Divided into three buildings that distinguish three different eras, the oldest part of the villa is the renovation of an old mill. The chapel as well as the building of three floors suffered over the years, a number of restructuring. Inside you can find archittettonici Renaissance themes, decorations and marble.

Villa Puccini

Located on the shores of Lake Massaciuccoli, was for years the home of Giacomo Puccini. Here he has composed some of his works inspired by peace del Lago.
Inside rooms decorated and images that represent his greatest works like Boheme, and Turandot.

Torre del Lago

Torre Matilde

Built by the will of the government of Lucca along the canal BURLAMACCO intones the sixteenth century. la Torre the first had a monitoring role for incursions from the sea was then used as a prison. Today is the scene of exhibitions and cultural events.


Palazzo delle Muse

Built around 1860 by the will of Joseph Barellai. Today is not only the seat of Municipal Library, but also of the Documentary History Center and Foundation Carnival.


Walk to Sea

E 'one of the where you can see the artistic side of Viareggio. Strictly Art Nouveau buildings have preserved the original architecture such as the Liberty Cafe where decorations of Galileo Chini, the Gallery Neptune and the Eden Cinema designed by Alfredo Belluomini.


Civic Museum of Villa Paolina: Pinacoteca "Lorenzo Viani"

Old summer residence of Pauline Bonaparte, the museum now contains not only evidence of that period but also a wide range of works by the painter and writer viareggio Lorenzo Viani.

Via Macchiavelli 2, Viareggio (LU) Tel 0584-961076

Museum of Labor and Popular Traditions of Historical Versilia

Including 11 rooms which are documented in the traditional activities of Versilia territories ranging from nature, from industry, with particular reference to the marble.

Palazzo Medici, Via del Palazzo, Seravezza (LU) Tel 0584-756100

Historical Museum of the Resistance

Exposed the documents concerning the period of resistance in Versilia.

Sant'Anna di Stazzema (LU) Tel: 0584-772025