lago massaciuccolikcri

Holidays in Torre del Lago Racing on the lake in Torre del Lago, Versilia in Versilia!

It takes its name from a tower that stood near the Lake Massaciuccoli. Initially called Torre del Lago, then you have added the name Puccini, in honor of the great master who lived here.

The town is surrounded by nature complete given the fact that lies between Lake Massaciuccoli, the Natural Park of San Rossore and the Versilia coast. Well-established tourist destination offers beaches and high-level free beaches, home entertainment night, how can we forget the legendary Marlene Frau, is not devoid of sightseeing, excursions and walks in Lake Park.

Each year later, during the summer, one of the most important exhibitions of Italian opera, Puccini Festival, in honor of the artist Giacomo Puccini.

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  • Population: torrelaghesi
  • Patron saint: San. Joseph